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Philosophy : Honesty, Diligence and Justice

Honesty (The quality or fact of being honest and fairness both to oneself and others)

Diligence (The quality of constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken persistent exertion of body or mind)

Justice (the quality of being righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness)


“North-Chiang Mai University is a private university in sciences and technology , a pride of the North of Thailand, it is a warmth place of learning. The graduates have high skill in ICT and working experience in line with morality and ethical integrity”


North-Chiang Mai University provides higher education on the basis of 1)Teaching and Learning 2) Academic Service 3) Research and 4) Culture Conservation through the philosophy of Honesty, Diligence, and Justice in order to serve Thai society under the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of H.M. King Bumibhol Adulyadej . The graduates of NCU should possess the qualifications of sufficiency, rational, self-immunization with ethical integrity and adaptation to the change of globalization.


“Attanang Tamayanti Supapta” (Bali language)

A Good Person Cultivates Himself

North-Chiang Mai University Identity

“A University of Sciences and Technology”

Graduate Identity

A graduate with high skill in workplace, strong skill in ICT, proficiency in languages, in addition with qualifications of morality and ethical integrity

Organization Culture

" Discipline, Smile, Friendship and Assistance ”

Organization Core Values : N C U

N : Natural virtue

C : Cooperation

U : Unity

Core Competency

1. "CLEAR Team"

C : Commitment

L : Continuous Learning & Leadership

E : Ethics and Integrity

A : Accountability

R : Result Orientation

Team : Teamwork

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