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Mr.Narong Chavasint



Dr.Vivat Sethachuay

Advisor to the President

Mrs. Maneewan Chalai

Advisor to the President

Miss Chadinrat Ussavavivatpong

Vice President

Miss Chutima Chavasint

Vice President

Associate Professor Dr. Phithagorn Thanitbenjasith

Vice President

Surachai Santisookrat, Ph.D.

Vice President

Assistant Professor Bongkoch Sudasna Na-Ayudhaya

Assistant to the President

Mr.Chinnavorn Chavasint

Assistant to the President

Mr.Sawet Tachumpa

Assistant to the Vice President



Dr. Punthip Navanuch

Dean, The Faculty of Law

Associate Professor Dr. Phithagorn Thanitbenjasith

Acting Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts

Mr.Piched Tanin

Acting Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Dr. Phoom Srisook

Dean, The Faculty of Business Administration


Dean of the International College


 Associate Professor Dr.Guo Hui

Dean of the College of Innovation

Support agency executives


Assistant Professor Suchada Mekkaphat

Director of the Office of Research and Academic Services

Mr. Chaowalit Tempuan

Director of the Office of Educational Quality Assurance

Dr. Warit Silpsrikul

Director of the Academic Bureau

Dr. Pongsapon Mahawat

Director, Office of Students Affairs

Mr. Somkiat Comesook 

Director of the Office of the President

Miss Supit Tangamolkul

Head, Academic Service Center (Registration Office)

Mr. Nititham Chaisang

Head, Computer and Information Technology Center


Corporate Communication Center



Library and Educational Media Center


Mr.Sawet Tachumpa

Center for International Relations





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